Errors in the LOL shop and free skins cause trouble in the community

In the League of Legends client, the new Blood Moon Capsules and Prestige Points were available for a short time for only 1 BE. Riot’s handling of the error annoys the Reddit community because some players have capitalized on the situation and are allowed to keep the capsules and their contents. The new Blood Moon […]

Preview: Will there be a new Demacia Champion soon?

New artworks and a story from Riot Games about Demacia were released. They point to a new LoL champion. It suggests that a champion named Sylas will soon come into play. Just in November, the new champion Neeko was introduced into the game and it seems like Riot already want to launch the next hero. […]

Professor in Spain builds LoL task in his work

Some Spanish students had to solve a League of Legends assignment in their retreat, which dealt with different mechanics in currents. The professor built a corresponding task on the theme of the Nami-Wave. The following photo was published by the student in Twitter and @lol_es este es un exámen de la asignatura de mecánica de […]